Make an Autumn Flower Arrangement

autumn garden arrangement
Embrace the season by making an autumn flower arrangement with the last bits and bobs of the season! There are always a few roses lingering in the garden, seed pods, and a few flowers holding on. I can’t resist gathering them for arrangements. I made this last fall at Manor Farm Cottage Flowers out of stems that were bound for the compost. I like to use garden pots for arrangements. I rarely find vases that work for the type of flower arrangements I like to make. Garden pots have a nice wide mouth on them. Just plunk a drinking glass or other water tight container inside, and you’ve got a vase! For an autumn garden arrangement, seedheads and even a few half dead flowers are welcome!

My recipe:

3 cosmos

1 handful of chamomile

3 mint blossoms

5 stems of sage

3 stems of fennel or dill

7 stems of garden roses

3 stems of yarrow

a handful of meadow grasses
garden roses cosmos
The-How To:

1. Build your arrangement with the greens, start with a round shape.

2. Add the focal flowers (roses in this case) and large blossoms.

3. Fill in the holes with yarrow.

4. Create curvy shapes and break up the roundness with the mint blossoms and fennel.

5. Add the wispy bits and grasses last.


P.S. For more flower arranging tips, check out my online course, Flower Arranging 101!

Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Taken at Manor Farm Cottage Flowers in Somerset, England.