Happy Christmas!

frolic christmas

Thank you for reading Frolic! this year! I started this blog ten years ago this month and feel so grateful for the people I’ve met through it and the creative platform it’s provided. Wishing you all a beautiful holiday!! I’ll be celebrating here in Lisbon with my brother who flew over from Moscow this week. Family reunions are sweeter when they are few and far between and I am feeling very grateful this year.

P.S. Here are a few of our favorite holiday posts, maybe you’ll find something helpful if you are last-minute like me!

Happy Christmas!!

Hosting a Christmas Tea

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3 Wreath Recipes

Purple Flowers Centerpiece

Pandoro French Toast with Blood Orange Butter

Colorful Christmas Decorations

Paperwhite Gift Bags

How to Make a Classic Bay Wreath

Mini Wreath Gift Tags

Orange and Olive Wreath + Citrus Arrangement

A Simple Foraged Wreath + How to Make Your Own Wreath Base (In about 10 minutes!)

An Easy Way to Wrap Food Gifts

Pearl Giveaway

When I graduated from university, my grandmother gave me her mother’s champagne pearl necklace. I’ve been a fan of pearls every since that moment when I felt such optimism and hope for the future as most young graduates do. Whenever I bring out those pearls, I am brought back to that innocent moment full of promise, 16 years ago. It’s with this in mind, that I share these sweet, simple, and classic pearls in partnership with The Pearl Source, a family business based out of Los Angeles for 20 years, to share and give away their beautiful products.

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Custom Travel Maps from 76th and Newbury

custom travel maps
Today we are partnering with 76th and Newbury to share their custom travel maps. Celebrate your travels with a custom map showing where you’ve been! You can work with the designers at 76th and Newbury to create your own custom map to display in your home including custom color matching. Each map then comes with pins to keep track of current and past travels!

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Creating a Bohemian Style Kitchen

bohemian kitchen
While it’s tempting to make the kitchen minimal and sterile, if it’s the room we spend the most time in with family and friends, cooking, and socializing, then don’t we want it to be cozy? Over time, letting your kitchen evolve into artful layers of patterns, textures, and colors can ultimately leave you with a poetic atmosphere to experience one of the best parts of life. Creating a bohemian style kitchen, doesn’t involve a big remodel. Instead, put into practice some collecting, artful arranging, and letting go of the idea of perfection.While some of these kitchens might feel too aged or cluttered for our Pinterest-trained eyes, they offer ideas and tricks that any kitchen owner can incorporate to up the cozy factor in their house!

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