How To Make a Spring Floral Centerpiece

spring flowers

Today we are celebrating the first day of spring by sharing how to make a spring floral centerpiece! It’s easy to make a centerpiece using seasonal flowers to decorate a table for a special event or wedding. The biggest tip is to make the centerpiece low so that people can see each other. Using a shallow vase is the easiest way to do this, but you’ll need a few expert tips for working with a shallow vase. Jennifer, expert cottage gardener and floral designer from Fir and Flora, invites us into her darling cottage today to share a few tricks and the recipe for a classic spring centerpiece! Click through for the full details and the full flower recipe.

spring flower centerpiece

A Spring Floral Centerpiece


1 latte bowl (5.5″ w by 3″ h)
Floral netting or large flower frog
Flower snips
Wire snips if making frog from netting
Optional: florist clay

1 bunch camellia branches
1 bunch variegated ivy
1 bunch sweet peas
1 bunch tulips
2 bunches small ranunculus or 1 bunch of large (I used small)

1. Create or install frog and fill bowl with fresh water.

2. Add greenery: camellia stems to provide structure: asymmetrical and wider than tall.

2a. Add focal flowers: tulips.

2b. Then add ranunculus.

3. Add fillers: Add sweet peas & ivy (in this arrangement ivy acts like a filler).

spring flower recipe


-I followed basic principles for flower arranging (conditioned stems, etc).
-Florist clay helps anchor the frog.
-Turn arrangement as you go to ensure it looks nice from all angles.
-Keep stems long to produce airiness; you can always cut them down.
-Tulips continue to grow so keep that in mind.
-Curvy and trailing stems help create a wild or ‘just from the garden’ look.
-Position flowers at different angles.

how to make a centerpiece

cottage flowers

tulips centerpiece

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This post is sponsored by Fifty Flowers. All photos by Linnea Paulina for Frolic!. Floral designs and styling by Fir and Flora. Illustration by Saara Helkala.

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