An Afternoon by the Sea

The train ride from Lisboa to Cascais offers a constant sea view and it’s fun to just hop off at will to discover the villages and cities along the coast. Spending an afternoon at Paco de Arcos was a lovely way to usher in spring. Whenever you are looking for healing energy, the sea will bring it to you. I spent some time on the shore looking through the little fisherman boats and traps, putting my feet in the sand, and letting the sun beat on my back. When the wind sped up, I grabbed my Tulsi shawl, which doubles as a beach towel/picnic blanket. Get your own Tulsi shawl (hand-printed in India) here with 20% off with code “frolic20” (free shipping within the US). Wildflowers are in abundance at the moment, and there’s nothing so sweet as flowers growing seaside.

This post is sponsored by Tulsi.

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