Winter in Lisbon

tulips citrus

Citrus, and tulips, and marigolds, and citrus! We still have our bare trees, and short days, and cold wind, but there’s certainly a lot to love about a Mediterranean style winter.


  1. Lovely photo, Chelsea. Those marigolds are so beautiful!I cannot wait to see everything Portuguese when I visit in November! I am rereading and drooling over all your descriptions of fantastic food, unique little nooks of color and the charming atmosphere
    that lured you to move there!

    Shirley xoxox

  2. Hi Chelsea! My niece, Patty, and I are coming to Lisbon on the 6th so we’ll have 3 days to explore before our garden tours begin in Cascais, Sintra and Madeira. What area of town do you suggest I search for an airbnb or I would be interested in knowing of any places you have stayed in…. And of course I would love to share photos and any info of the gardens, etc that we visit! xoxox

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