Sweet Handmade Treats from Our Sponsors!

frolic sponsors

I have gifts on the mind this month as there are like seven birthdays in my family! Here are a few fun gifts ideas from our Frolic! sponsors. All of these items are either handmade or fair trade! I truly feel we vote with our wallet so I am thrilled to have these lovely artists and shopkeepers as part of our site. Happy shopping!

1. Henley Blouse from Noncha.

2. Tulum House Embroidery by Hoopla.

3. Chinatown Card by ACBC Design.

4. Royal Poinciana Embroidery by Hoopla.

5. Things are Looking Up Card by Scout’s Honor Paper.

6. Mint and Gold Linen Bag by Frankie & Coco.

7. Hey Dad! Card by ACBC Design.

8. Organic Voile Scarf by Frankie & Coco.

9. Olive Branch Original Painting by Lucy Auge.

Would you like to be part of our family of sponsors? Receive 25% when you book an ad before the end of February! Email hello@frolic-blog.com for our new media kit!

Photos by respective shop owners.

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