Postcard from Lisbon: February Fruit

fruit lisbon
I had the best walk in the sunshine yesterday. I ditched work and wandered the city with my “real” camera, wanting to get lost down back alleys and curving streets like I used to when I first came here. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t really got lost if I tried! I guess Lisbon is slowly becoming my city. And of course, whether it’s a big market like Ribeira or a tiny bodega, I am always drawn in by fresh produce and their displays. These little baskets on the Rua da Rosa caught my eye.

Photo: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. What a great post. I love the idea of ditching work and walking around taking pictures instead. Will definitely do that in summer 😛 I love Lisbon as well, i visited friends there last summer and stayed there for 3 weeks. I was really surprised when they told me Lisbon was build on like …was it 7?! hills and they are called miaduoro. Love the view from there!!
    xo, Sara

  2. Hi, I enjoy your posts but apparently they don’t open with images in Google Chrome; might want to check into that.

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