Project 226 Giveaway

project 226 pack
Project 226 is one of the Portuguese handmade brands I’ve fallen for while living in Lisbon. Selling minimalist goods for men and women, their bags are designed simply so that your eye focuses on the patina and textures of the Portuguese and Italian leather, the careful handmade stitches, and the intelligent construction. The bags are thoughfully designed with pockets for phones and laptops, and some products are available with waterproof fabric.
grey leather tote
In their own words, “Project 226 is about our love for all the simple things that make life a wonderful journey: good design, street art, music, t-shirts, traveling, the sea and the sun. The Portuguese concept of “passeio” is very much part of the spirit of Project 226. Through daily walks discovering the old and new parts of the city, inspiration is gathered. Behind every object is a soul.”
leather backpack
In addition to leather goods and t-shirts, Project 226 also carries a gorgeous selection of handmade letterpress notebooks from local Portuguese artisans. I have this Grafolita accordion book and love it. I also think this tablecloth book is super clever!
leather laptop case
And, exciting news, today we are giving away one product from Project 226 to one lucky reader! To enter, you have two options:

1. Leave a comment here on the post staying which product you’d like.

2. Follow Project 226 on Instagram and leave a comment on our Instagram post or the blog post saying you followed.

And, if you’d like to get on top of your Christmas shopping now, enjoy 20% off at Project 226 right now, with code FROLIC.
brown leather tote

All entries must be in by December 1st. Good luck!
All photos courtesy of Project 226 except #3 which is by Portcorner.


  1. Hi! I love the Leather Tote Bag No. 1 in black on their website. I’ve joined their Instagram account which looks gorgeous. Being new in Lisbon, I’m looking forward to finding local brands. Thanks!

  2. That BACKBACK!
    Love the simplistic, unadorned workmanship…it makes it so much MORE.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I’m new to your blog and love it….it’s beautiful! What a great give-away! I would love the backpack type of bag or the tote in the camel color. Thank you for hosting!

  4. I have been fighting buying a backpack for school (even though really I kind of need one, carrying books in a tote is killing my shoulder) but this one is GORGEOUS!

  5. beautiful design, simple and functional- thank you for the opportunity! I would love the backpack- I have a love/ hate relationship with bags;)

  6. That backpack is so chic and minimalist! I also love the tote in camel, the leather looks incredibly buttery and sumptuous.

  7. I really love reading your posts every week. I find it inspiring the work that you do. In this post, I really liked the laptop case. There is something to be said about wholesome and simplistic pieces. It really comforts. I think this is something that we all should be looking for more often. Thanks for opening our eyes to this company and their beautiful products.

  8. Portuguese handmade=quality! Super bag! Really sounds like you’re having a great time in Lisbon!

  9. I’m afraid I immediately fell in love with their leather goods, especially the Leather Tote Bag in Camel. Oh, how I like the good brands with quality pieces.

  10. What beautiful products! I can’t decide between the backpack estrela in brown or the leather tote in camel. Love both. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. First of all I’m definitely impressed by the simplicity and beauty of their website! Secondly, I’ve 153% fallen in love (and will probably purchase if I don’t win) the Estrela Backpack in brown… *heart eyes* lol

  12. Such wonderful bags!
    I’d be torn between the black Estrella backpack and the black leather toet No.1!
    They are amazing!
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  13. Hello from Barcelona! I love the Carolina Shoulder Bag but it took me some time to decide. Great discovery! My fingers want now to touch that sweet leather! Thank you for the chance.

  14. Oh my! So many beautiful things. But if I were to choose only one it would be the Carolina shoulder bag (black). Thanks, and if nothing else I’ve enjoyed a few minutes of gazing at beautiful design and workmanship.

  15. such incredible, simple and beautiful creations! nearly impossible to choose! the totes are just perfect and a close tie for me are the lovely backpacks. thank you for sharing!

  16. hope I arrived in time…
    It is nice to see my country your eyes. I already love but it looks much more special.
    I did not knew Project 226 and since I have a crush for leather totes, found it lovely.
    My choice goes to the Leather Tote Bag Nº 1 Camel, beautiful!!

  17. Goodness gracious, what a well-crafted set of beauties! I adore the leather tote bag, No 1 especially the grey one. It looks like it came straight out of a long, yet glorious day on the ocean. Cheers!

  18. They are so beautifully minimal and classic but I love Project 226’s Leather Tote Bag No1, and I’d be thrilled to have it in camel! Following!

  19. Hands-down the Backpack Estrela Brown caught my eye right away! I love the simplicity of the lines and construction! Perfect blend of beauty and practicality!

  20. The handmade bags are so polished looking! I would love the Backpack Estrela Brown. Thanks for the giveaway and love the blog!

  21. The handmade bags are so polished looking! I would love the Backpack Estrela Brown. Thanks for the giveaway and love the blog! Followed Project 226 on Instagram 🙂

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