Have a Beautiful Weekend!

somerset greenhouse
I can’t get this magical greenhouse out of my mind. It lives in Somerset, England and belongs to a lovely woman I had the chance to chat with last summer. Plumbago covers almost the entire inside and outside of the greenhouse. I’ve become obsessed with that plant lately as it also grows all over Lisbon. Before I sign off for the week, I wanted to share a few bits of news and some favorite links:

How to make your own ginger tea.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this series about simple living. I can’t wait to read the upcoming posts in the series!

Check out this inspiring video of a 95 year old ballet dancer. I adore her cabin and way of life. (Thanks for sharing it, Megan!)

Huge thanks to Domino for naming the @frolicblog Instagram as one of their favorites.

Aren’t these photos of Scotland, glorious? I’ve loved following Celeste’s nomadic journey!

And in case you’ve missed some these recent Frolic! posts. Here are a few favorites of late:

5 Tips for Styling Your Kitchen

How to Feel Like a Local Anywhere

Beautiful Beeswax Candles Handmade in England

500 Flowers

What I Learned Being a Year-Long Nomad

Have a lovely weekend!


Photo: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Congratulations! Your instagram is a favorite of mine too. Thank you for sharing these links. I just love the video of the 95 year old ballet dancer. She is so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend in your new home.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my blog! I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface with photos. I’m always coming back to your adventures and the wanderlust is rekindled xo

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