Learn Photography In Italy with Leela Cyd

leela cyd

My friend, and sometimes collaborator, Leela Cyd is offering a photo workshop this summer in the Cinque Terra in Italy! She’ll teach you the ins and outs of photography, including the business side of running your own show and how to get work from exciting clients. An artist and an adventurer first, Leela’s photography is fresh, fun, feminine, and super dynamic. At the same time, you’ll discover some hidden gems in this region of Italy with Leela and her friend Bianca, seasoned travelers and Italophiles! See more info here! I highly recommend learning from Leela and just being in her presence will put a smile on your face! Leela is one of those rare souls who has the gift of mingling art and business. If you have the desire to learn the art of being a creative entrepreneur, she’s your gal!


Photos: Leela Cyd.

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