Of course a favorite part of being on a farm, is harvesting all the amazing vegetables. Above, beets and below, fava beans. Does anyone have some good beet recipes? Today I made a cold salad with fresh dill (also just picked), yogurt, and chevre. It was really good!

fava bean harvest france

fava bean

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Summer harvests are so immensely satisfying! I just made my favorite beet recipe last night, a warm beet salad à la The Harvest Vine (a terrific Basque tapas place here in Seattle). Boil beets until fork tender, rub off skin, and slice paper thin with a mandolin or by hand. Arrange in slightly overlapping circles on a plate and top with several generous drizzles of good extra virgin olive oil, a bit less sherry vinegar, a smattering of minced garlic, a bit of chopped parsley, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Enjoy!

  2. I dice beets and ferment them lighty in a jar (beets+kosher salt+a little non-chlorinated water). You can throw in the greens in, too. Pour a thick layer of olive oil over the beets to seal them off from the air. It will pickle itself and make a nice zingy salad.

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