Hello from Brittany!


Hello from Brittany!

I am just on my second day of farm duties here but so far it’s been a dream though it felt like it took forever to get to this point between trying to close up my life in Portland and the journey here (Portland, Oakland, Oslo. Barcelona, Rennes!) Here are a few snaps. This first farm I am working at is located in the countryside near Rennes, France. It’s a small family farm and I help take care of chickens, donkeys, rabbits, sheep, as well as a huge garden! The farm is all organic. I am loving the work and the atmosphere. More details soon! If you’d like to see more updates, you can visit my Instagram.

Talk soon!




  1. I am so happy you made it! I’ve been loving following along on Instagram. Your photos are so very Chelsea, it seems like you’re in the perfect environment. The other day I went on a walk and saw 4 bunnies and 2 chickens on the path… such a twee walk, it reminded me of you! Haha 🙂

  2. Bienvenue en France, Chelsea! (not exactly right, me welcoming you there when I’m here – but I am so happy for you!)

    So happy you will continue to share your experiences with us!

    Mary in Oregon

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