buenos aires: botanical garden greenhouses

Cactus greenhouse

Whenever people ask what I plan to do on a trip, I sheepishly respond, "Just wander around." I don't plan my trips. I don't have itineraries. I ask for a few recs and read a few sentences in a guide book before my ADD kicks in and then I usually enjoy just walking and discovering things on my own. The other day I was riding the bus to meet a new friend for lunch, and through the bus window, spotted a large conservatory in a beautiful park! I knew I had to go back. As it turns out, my mom had planned to take me, she heard these botanical gardens were gorgeous. Surprisingly, though, no one had mentioned a thing about the five old greenhouses on the property. Luckily, I didn't research before we went. We started to wander and after walking by the large conservatory I originally spotted, I happened upon another greenhouse around every bend! The motherload of greenhouses! It was thrilling!

Greenhouse door buenos aires

When I got home from the greenhouse adventure, I read up on the botanical garden on Wikipedia and found out it was designed by the French landscape designer, Carlos Thays. As it turns out, he's reponsible for much of the city planning and design of the parks in Buenos Aires that give it that Parisian vibe.

Buenos aires botanical garden

Each greenhouse is built a few feet under ground and the plants are housed in large cement troughs. 

Buenos aires greenhouse botanical garden

Sadly, every greenhouse was locked (I checked every door). I would do just about anything to go inside!

Buenos aires winter house

Peeking into the big conservatory!

Buenos aires garden

Here she is! This greenhouse was built in Paris in 1889 for an exposition and was later moved over to Buenos Aires in sections.

Potager buenos aires

One of the smaller greenhouses has an adjacent potager garden and lovely brick potting bench.

Potting bench

This little area is surounded by a rusty chain link fence. Honestly, I've never seen a chain link fence look so charming. 

Cata bueno aires botanical garden

Another fun fact about this garden: There are lots and lots of cats! People actually drop off their cats here if they feel they can't take care of them any longer and volunteers care for them, feeding the cats and making sure they get proper veterinary care. So sweet!

More info on the botanical garden right here.

Snaps by me.


  1. I love this place!! You travel exactly how I like to…a general wander and stop where you wish. I could never do one of those tours where you see 13 countries in 12 days. I can barely see one city in 12 days!
    I’m loving your instagram pics as well. thanks for sharing!

  2. Gardens + cats = my future home (Hahaha) 🙂

    Your pictures are fantastic Chelsea. I would never have thought this was a South American destination. I love the minor dilapidation of the gardens which gives it a lived-in quality. I can imagine in the late 1800’s women walking around wearing big hats and parasols. LOVELY!

  3. That really is the way to travel! I am a firm believer that you find more adventures that way. Plus the people you meet in the town always give the best advice about what to see and do.

    This Botanical garden looks amazing – I love parisian vibe. We really need to bring one to Portland.

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