how to survive winter!


Here it is December again and I am struggling with the lack of light. It looks like 10pm here in Portland basically all day and there's no snow, just little drizzling rain drops all the day long. I am writing this list to remind myself of what I need to do this year to combat this gloomy weather and learn to make the most of it! Any tips you'd like to add?

Light candles whenever you are home. Light lanterns outside your door or on your porch. I picked up this tradition in Sweden, where they make their homes and cities amazingly cozy all winter long!

Accept that productivity goes down in the winter. Use the time to work on indoor projects, read a new book or watch your favorite show.

Get outside for fresh air! Bundle up and go on a hike.

Go to the movie theater.

Go ice skating, snowshoeing, or skiing.

Head to the mountains and enjoy the snow. I always forget that snow is merely an hour away from where I live and yet I rarely go enjoy it!

Have a winter picnic.

Wear bright colors and flowers!

Spend more time in your kitchen, cooking and baking. Here's to comfort food!

Invite friends over for an indoor picnic!

Visit the library or the art museum.

Wear cute wellies.

Brew your own tea or coffee or hunker down at the coffee shop with your favorite book.

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  1. agreement on all fronts. hoping to tackle a special project this winter and spend my time organizing my thoughts and drawing up plans. if i look at winter as a time to plan, it suddenly looks exciting, not daunting (when it doesn’t, there’s warm drinks and brisk walks).

  2. Yay!
    I would add:
    + watch your favourite movies of all times (Tim Burton is my winter hero)
    + make sure you have comfortable and warm slippers that are pretty too, to feel good inside (just had a felted pair handmade for me! go Etsy!)
    + create playlists for your different moods -I love old jazz like Chet Baker and Billy Holliday in the winter
    + drink warm (do you know white tea? no theine but lovely and subtle flavours, my favourite being mango/ginger right now)
    + watch nature being so beautiful under frost, or snow.

    That’s it Chelsea, got some calendars to make now 😉

  3. I just came across this blog and I absolutely love it. It’s usually warm in Nashville this year, but cheers to a hot cup of coffe, a good book and nice pair of fuzzy socks! Bring on the winter!

  4. Not much to add to your list except maybe hot bubble baths? Great way to slow down and get attuned to the rhythm of winter, all while warming up and cheering up! Also, I think anything that keeps you attuned to the rhythm of nature is good. I keep a garden, but also have a window full of houseplants to tend when everything outside is asleep in the earth. It’s nice to always have green growing things about – and plants improve the air quality in your home, too!

  5. it’s not very glamorous to think about going to a gym with florescent lights and running around a track or lifting weights, but i NEED to keep exercising in the winter or i melt down like a tired child. and i just have to DO it, especially when i don’t feel like it because it always makes me feel better and i know i will want to jump right back into my overly active habits once summer comes back around–i don’t want to be slowed down because i didn’t exercise all winter.

  6. Great article; I love your ideas. The lack of light can really get to me sometimes, especially when I think it must be 9 or 10pm, only to realize it’s only 6 or 7. I’ll be lighting some lanterns on my front porch tonight!


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