christmas decorations 2012

Frolic christmas decorations

I started decorating early this year, and though I still have a few things to do, I am having fun making my house slightly more festive. I don't like to go overboard since my house already has a lot of color and pattern going on and I don't want it to look too crazy. I like my Christmas decorations handmade, simple, and a little humorous! I made a bunch of colorful paper chains and a crown for the pig in my kitchen, which totally makes me laugh!


I am in the process of filling my house with bowls of clementines and pots of paperwhites, my two holiday necessities. 


I can't resist all the anemones at the flower stands now so I have those around my house too.

Christmas decorations frolic

I am not buying a tree this year, but here's my tree from a few years back. Also, some simple decorations from last year. How are you guys decorating this year? 

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Hi Chelsea,
    The decorations look really cool, I love the colors you chose and the simplicity.
    Do you think you will send postcards to your readers this year ? I loved receiving one so much last year (I am planning to put that one in the new kitchen).
    Have a nice week end!

  2. ooo so nice! I’d love to know how you potted up your paperwhites? Are they just normal bowls? I have bulbs waiting, be too late for Christmas now, but I have nothing with drainage holes for them to go in…

  3. This year I’m especially attracted to the handmade when it comes to Christmas decor. As in years past, I’ll be baking Nigella Lawson’s ginger cookie Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree (she calls for plenty of black pepper in them so kids won’t eat them!). I’ve been inspired by all the handmade advent calendars and will spend some time making my own today. Happy holidays!

  4. i keep going back and forth between a real/ fake tree this year. hope to make my decision by next weekend so we can finally put it up!

  5. Paper whites and clementines…those are two of my go-to decorations too. Those, pine cones, and the obligatory bowl of holiday hershey’s kisses are all I need to get in the holiday mood.

  6. oh, i love the crown on the pig! hilarious. this is the first year i have gotten a tree for myself and i don’t know why i didn’t do it sooner! paperwhites would be a great addition. yay for festive!

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