christmas decorations 2012

Frolic christmas decorations

I started decorating early this year, and though I still have a few things to do, I am having fun making my house slightly more festive. I don't like to go overboard since my house already has a lot of color and pattern going on and I don't want it to look too crazy. I like my Christmas decorations handmade, simple, and a little humorous! I made a bunch of colorful paper chains and a crown for the pig in my kitchen, which totally makes me laugh!


I am in the process of filling my house with bowls of clementines and pots of paperwhites, my two holiday necessities. 


I can't resist all the anemones at the flower stands now so I have those around my house too.

Christmas decorations frolic

I am not buying a tree this year, but here's my tree from a few years back. Also, some simple decorations from last year. How are you guys decorating this year? 

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.