strawberry + wildflower cake

Strawberry cake

I loved all the strawberry cakes during Midsummer in Sweden so I thought it would be fun to create my own version. I decorated this one for a Project Wedding article about wedding cakes but it could be created for any summer party!

Strawberry cake spreewald

My friend Juliane, was kind enought to model for me, help with the cake, and offer her family home as a location. The cake tasted amazing! It was a citrus flavored dome cake that paired really well with the strawberries, meadowsweet, buckwheat, and winter savory flowers. 


Thanks, Juliane! You can see the full article over at Project Wedding.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding. Assistant and model: Juliane. Location: Spreewald, Germany. Cake: Bäckerei Großmann. Flowers: Arznei- und Gewürzpflanzengarden Burg. Dress: Comptoir Des Cotonniers.


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