yorkshire dales watercolor


My grandmother gave me this painting a few weeks ago because she is trying to get rid of stuff before she moves. It's a watercolor of the Yorkshire Dales by her cousin, Clifford. I love having this little piece of England (and family history) in my house.

Painting: Clifford Paine.


  1. I might have to see if I can do an amateurish copy of that Yorkshire hillside. That is just too fabulous to forget!


    Mary in Eugene

  2. I love it, and the sentimental value makes it priceless. A few years ago I finally asked my dad for a painting. Every niece and nephew had one, and not me. I love my ‘dad’ originals.

  3. Hey Ashley!

    It’s in my living room right now. Trying to figure out the best place for it:) I think it will probably stay in this room. It looks great against the pale pink walls.

  4. really lovely painting! my husbands parents live in yorkshire. it is so beautiful up there. you look out of their living room window and the view is of tons of hills and a castle at the top x

  5. Oh my! I’m from the Yorkshire Dales so what a beautiful surprise this was! I moved to the states with my family when I was 6 so I have a great attachment to Yorkshire now. Thanks for sharing this!

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