chloé ballet

Here's a beautifully shot ballet spot featuring clothing by Chloé. It is meant to show a more three-dimensional view of ballet, since normally it is just viewed from the front. I love that! Read more about it on Nowness.

Video: Created by Block Magazine for Starring Janie Taylor and Justin Peck. Directed by Bon Duke. Styling by James Worthington DeMolet. Featuring clothing by Chloé.


  1. This is gorgeous. So fluid and you’re right, I’d never really thought about it but we don’t tend to see ballet in three dimensions when it is on a stage. Here, it’s like I was dancing around the dancers, too.

    (Oh and those clothes!! I always love Chloe)

  2. Any possibility of knowing who the music is by – the credits flashed up so quickly I couldn’t see.


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