I am excited to share this film from Kinfolk, a new website about gatherings that I’ll be contributing to. This is a giant collaboration headed up by Nathan, the young talent behind Hearblack. Kinfolk celebrates my very favorite thing in life: gathering around a table for good food with friends.With a simple, uncontrived style, Kinfolk seeks to make everyday gatherings special, not just big events and weddings. I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve seen so far from this team and can’t wait for the launch on July 15th when Kinfolk releases a magazine online and in print. For now, you can follow the Kinfolk journal and enjoy this sweet little film!

Video by Andrew + Carissa for Kinfolk.


  1. this video is so lovely and magical.

    i’m really eager to see the first issue of Kinfolk…it’s just such a fantastic concept.

    have a great holiday weekend friend.

  2. you’re a contributor? now i’m even more certain that i’m buying a copy. yes, a print copy. i’m so old school. (or maybe just old.)

  3. I ma having SUCH a hard time watching this video. I tried watching it on their own blog as well and couldn’t get it to work. I think it’s the player because everyone other vimeo and youtube is working : /

  4. i am so excited about this project. i have many similar beliefs about the possibilities food can create between people and the need for it to happen more often.

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