ballet in the park


One of my favorite parts of summer in Portland is when the Oregon Ballet Theater  rehearses out in the park each day for a week. This is the week! If you can, check it out over at Director Park.  It's free! More information here.

My friend, Debbie, took this photo of a ballet class (not in the park). Isn't it lovely?

Photo: Debbie of Tiny Abstraction.



  1. I adore ballet. i wanted to be a ballerina up until I was a freshman in high school and then i fell in love with architecture and that pretty much sealed my fate. But there will always be a huge soft spot for m and ballet 🙂

  2. Love it! Did you and Lisa end up taking a class at obt? I’d totally drop in sometime with you. I miss dancing! I’m just soooo out of shape these days

  3. It would be lovely if every school or studio had a week of class in the park! I’m a modern dancer… maybe I’ll suggest this to my company (we used to do it quite often when I was in college!)

  4. oooh this is dreamy. i so wish we did this in dallas…but of course it would have the be in spring or fall, as the poor dancers would have heat strokes if they attempted this during our blazing summer months ;-(

  5. this reminds me from two years ago when I was visiting portland and saw all these lean, pretty ballet dancers practicing outside. something about ballet brings a wave of calmness over me. didn’t see them two weeks ago when I visited though. 🙁

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