the fine cheese co.

The fine cheese company

I picked up these biscuits in Vancouver, BC last week. I love to go to grocery stores when I am traveling. We have this brand here in the states but I'd never seen this particular variety (yummy!) or the delightfully illustrated packaging.

Photo: Chelsea Fuss. Biscuits from The Fine Cheese Co.


  1. I am from little old Bath in England and have such fond memories of going to this shop with my dad to buy breads, cheeses and all sorts of yummy things for Saturday lunches on the patio….so amazed they’ve made it across the pond!

  2. That store is amazing! My sister lives in Bath and it is one of my favorite places to go. Perfect little place.

  3. That’s funny! I actually saved this box a few years ago. I liked the illustrations so much that I emailed the company to find out who did them.

  4. Wow–that packaging is SO great. What a fun little gift those biscuits would make with the cheese and a maybe a pretty little cheese knife.

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