sophie dahl’s cooking show

There are a lot of shows in the UK that I can’t get on my laptop and wish I could. Alex alerted me that Sophie Dahl’s cooking show is on You Tube. I love this bit about the flowers and the berry cakes with creme fraiche look amazing! I love this show! From the illustrations, to the writing, to the food, it’s all super lovely.

Clip: The Delicious Miss Dahl via You Tube.


  1. oh me oh my … those berrified cakes looks so yummy … i can almost taste them! thanks for the intro into the world of the lovely (and Delicious) Miss Dahl 🙂

  2. There might be and there really should be. I don’t have a TV and the trick of blocking your ip to access international content doesn’t seem to work on a mac! Until then, it’s you tube for me:)

  3. As I said on your other post, I wanted to love this but found it unfortuamtley rather faux – not Sophie’s fault, the producer just went OTT I think, but her recipes themselves are lovely.

    I have a way for you to download any UK show (including archive and rare stuff) – I’ve sent an invite to your gmail.


  4. I know some people think the show is too twee, but I absolutely, unabashedly adore it. I think it’s wonderful to get lost in the fantasy and story that cooking can create! I feel like it’s a perfect show for the silly daydreamers like me with their heads stuck in the clouds….just to sit back with a wistful sigh and imagine a simple, lovely life full of wonderful food! The best part is that it’s easy to recreate each little flight of imagination in your own life, since her recipes are so straightforward and easy! I am smitten.

  5. Love her show too (have watched them over and over on Youtube ;), and especially love that kitchen. I read somewhere that it isn’t really her kitchen but is in someone else’s home — something about wanting to keep her home private which is understandable. Anyhoo, I hope someday, the Food Network will get her shows on the air here in US — like they eventually did with Nigella, you think?

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