farewell, lilacs

Lilac 2

I wait for spring all year long. I spend dark winters dreaming of fragrant lilacs and waiting for the first crop of daffodils. It's really my favorite season for flowers, as much as I complain about the rain, it's so very exciting when daffodils pop up, and when muscari and hyacinth start blooming but it's a little hard to say goodbye to each flower too. I love the wild lilac trees and can sniff the blossoms for hours! It's such a sentimental flower for me. I have so many memories of cutting lilacs in the rain as a kid. It's a mixture of sadness and excitement to say goodbye to lilacs and hello to peonies! What's your favorite spring flower?

Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Vegan shoes courtesy of Simple.


  1. Oh, I know just what you mean! Both the lilacs and peonies are long gone here, but when they are in bloom I just want to sit and smell them for hours and hours. Lilacs are my favorite – to me there’s just nothing more beautiful. Until next year lilacs!

  2. I love lilacs! They are absolutely one of the best things about spring. That immense joy that just wells up inside you when they start blooming and the streets fill with the smell of them… I grew up in wisconsin and the lilacs there were everywhere and stunning. None where I live now, but seeing your post filled me with joyful nostalgia. Thanks!


  3. Lilacs and tulips are two favorites–just seeing them bloom is a huge relief after a long winter. My parents also have both in their yard; I remember being sent out with clippers to get some lilac for the house. But now onto summer flowers and more loveliness!

  4. lilacs. so many wonderful memories of rows and rows of lilacs at my childhood home. the smell brings me back to a carefree time of my life.

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  5. Pretty much every home in my neighborhood as an azalea bush planted out front. They aren’t the most glamorous things but for a few weeks area the streets explode with bright little blossoms and it’s so sweet and cheery.

  6. Peonies are my favorite. My grandmother had some seriously gorgeous white ones in her garden. When she passed they were divided and planted in our family garden.
    Three years ago, when we moved into our house and my father divided the peonies again and as a housewarming gave me 7 for my garden.
    I see a lot of buds and feel like that commercial, “open, open, open….”

  7. Too many to account! I adore tulips and daffodils and lilies and lilacs and hyacinths and peonies and ranunculus. Flowers are a wonderful way to brighten up one’s home.

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