styling and photo workshop by pia jane bijkerk


When I was first making the transition from floral designer to stylist, Pia Jane Bijkerk was kind enough to send me tips and advice.  Now, the lovely Pia is flying all the way from Australia to teach a photography and styling workshop in Vancouver, B.C. I would highly recommend anyone interested in styling and photography to go. Aside from spending time with a great teacher, you'll get to hang out in Vancouver! Which, by the way, I am just smitten with. It's truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Go here to learn more about the class and sign up!

Photo: Pia Jane Bijkerk.


  1. wow, that would be a fabulous workshop! glad to see you’re enjoying this fair city, i feel lucky to live here, even with all this rain 😉 hope you got a peek at the sun before you left!

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