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Lots of loveliness out there on the web lately. Here are a few links I bookmarked straight away!

Jen Causey's new project: The Makers.

A pale, pretty + refreshingly refined wedding at Snippet & Ink.

Jane's lovely post about Lilla Cabot Perry. I want to wear violets like the girl in the painting.

Jen Altman's new food portfolio.

Sally J. Shim's new design blog.

Martha's Paris in the Springtime post.

Jen Gotch is Polaroiding again? Yes, please!

Saipua's poppies on black, meyer lemon panna cotta, and turquoise + coral study.

Anna's confetti + roses shots.

Michelle Armas is on a roll with paintings I want to bury myself in: 1, 2, 3,

The coolest French girl style from Joanna Goddard.

Wow! 1,2,3,4, Honey Kennedy unearths the best sources.

Photo: Jen Causey for The Makers.


  1. Chelsea, I would comment more but in a rush. I just wanted to say that I hopped over to read your post about crediting images (brava) & suddenly I noticed the McAfee yellow danger signal come up. Just FYI. Maybe it’s nothing but maybe it is….

  2. You really have such great taste. I love the art and music and flowers you always post. well and everything else. I am sort of new to blogging and hardly anyone looks at mine but after reading your post, I will try to be better at giving credit to all images…

  3. the Makers = 1. me hungry 2. me in love 3. me really really wanting to go back to Brooklyn.

    thanks so so so much for sharing that link; instantly read and bookmarked… will visit often!

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