flowers + gingham (and a look behind the scenes!)

Framed 1

I had the chance to style this shoot with Lisa Warninger  back in February. The fun part is this shoot was filmed by Framed so you can come along behind the scenes. The show is a feature all about Lisa so you'll learn a little bit about how she works as a photographer. I know a lot of you are curious about the behind the scenes on these shoots so here you go! There are also some great photography tips from Lisa. Thanks so much to Framed and congrats to Lisa on the feature!

Photography copyright Lisa Warninger. Wardrobe Styling by Lauren Hartmann. Model: Skye Velten. Hair and Makeup: Madeline Roosevelt. Dress: Le Train Bleu. Blouse:Model's own. Floral and set by Chelsea Fuss. Location: Le Train Bleu.


  1. framed is new to me and it is wonderful! i loved the behind the scenes and the photography tips. the shoot was so beautiful! thanks, chelsea!

  2. Wow! It’s amazing to see how you all work together and how each one of you plays a vital part towards the final result – which is gorgeous, by the way! Very inspiring.

  3. So interesting! I’m addicted to anything behind the scenes… this is like going back to the beginning of the dvd and watching it with director’s commentary! Now, we’d like a video about your work please Chelsea…

  4. Awesome video! I loved it so much; it was great seeing how you ladies produce such gorgeous images. It was neat to learn that you were ranked #17 best design blog by the London Times. Congrats! xoColleen

  5. I just watched this again. Still has me smiling. Also, I recognize the model from a previous shoot you’ve posted about (I think?). Would you remind providing the link in the comments if it was in fact a post of yours she was mentioned in? I did a bit of poking around but couldn’t find it. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about…sorry!)

  6. Loved this post Chelsea…flowers and photography = two of my passions. Just started taking digital images in January…so lots to learn, but Lisa is a photographer whose style I have admired for some time.

    Many congratulations on a beautiful shoot with stunning flowers!

  7. I love this site! Very inspirational and encouraging. I felt it is never late to follow your dream. Thank you for sharing.

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