my apartment project: favorite living room inspiration

No apartment update yet! Hopefully soon! The painting has taken a lot longer than anticipated. This is probably my favorite living room I've ever seen. Curtains like this just feel so cozy and refined. I'll be adding some to my windows for sure!

P.S. That quote from the article pretty much sums up everything I believe about decorating.

Photo: Via enzo + lulu on flickr.Originally from Domino Magazine, RIP.


  1. I’m living vicariously through you and your barely pink walls. They sound amazing and I wish I could pull them off in my place but have a feeling that my other half would put his foot firmly down. I’m shelving the idea for future office/studio spaces…

  2. Amanda Peet’s house is by far and away the most inspiring interior story I’ve ever read; so much to love. I still have pages of it stuck up on my pinboard, years later!

  3. i was on the fence about drapes.. but i think they really do cozy up a room. thanks for posting this! i can’t wait to see an update on your space. i am nearly 90% done with my wee apt… it was fun to feel a shift when it finally started to feel like home. (two throw pillows from ikea tipped it)

  4. This seems to me to be SO you (sorry if that seems presumptuous)! Perfect inspiration. Our painting took months, but was worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy weekend, Chelsea!

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