chocolate ganache bundt cakes


Last month, I put together this story for Project Wedding. For an alternative to traditional wedding cake, try chocolate ganache bundt cakes! They look so pretty decorated with oranges and hyacinth blossoms. See the full story here.

DSC_0708 DSC_0762

Photos and concept by Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding. Baking by Dorothyanne Fuss.


  1. My daughter and I made 35 of these cakes for my son’s wedding in 2004; I used Martha Stewart’s recipe for the ganache. We had a few different bundt cake pans. So yummy and pretty on every table.

  2. there ya go again, chelsea. flawless simplicity. the textures of the orange & curled leaves, wood, and the glossy ganache and even with the edges of that white plate – perfection! and to top it off, the mini mason jar? c’mon now! i was just thinking that someone should make mini milk jug that looks like a mason jar for a cup o’ coffee to go with this delicious bundt!

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