my apartment project: paint colors


So the very first step I wanted to take in decorating my apartment was to paint the whole thing. It's just so nice to start out with freshly painted walls. Luckily, after a lot of nagging, I was finally able to convince my landlord to let me paint. The catch is that I have to stick to shades of white which is totally fine by me.

Am I the only one that gets super overwhelmed looking at 300 shades of white? Elizabeth Dye helped me sort through all the colors and this is what we came up with. All paints are from Benjamin Moore from their Aura Paint Collection (Low VOC)*. 

Living Room: Candle White (a pink-white. close enough to white in my book!)

Trim: Simply White

Kitchen: Bavarian Cream

All other rooms: Simply White.

See the before photos here. Photos above are in-process! 

*Paint is courtesy of Benjamin Moore. Thank you to my friend, Interior Designer, Rich Wipf for helping me with the painting!  Snapshots by me. 


  1. i don’t think this is too pink! i like how girly it is, without being little-girly, and once you have art on the walls and your furniture and everything in there, it won’t be too pink. i also really like the bavarian cream. yay! can’t wait to see more! but wait, what are those test shades on the wall?

  2. A tradition in my family is a drop of red paint in a can of white, for walls that appear white but have a sense of warmth on gray days. But I’m envying your Candle White 🙂 really lovely.

  3. i would love to go all white in our new digs … with the exception of a pale pink in my office and a dark DARK green in one of our hallways. but alas, our landlords LOVE the colors they picked. maybe we will have some luck soon though …

    ps – in case it wasn’t obvious, i love what you’ve done.

  4. I love this! I painted my bedroom a pink-white called Gossamer and I just love it, it’s a very subtle shade but in the afternoon when the sun comes in it has a lovely rosy glow, the rest of the time it’s a warm white.

  5. Love it. My husband (with seriously a teensy weensy bit of help from me-he’s a saint) painted our whole interior Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White. We love it. It’s so warm – it has the very slightest hint of pink (he says orange).

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