happy weekend!


This has been a rough week. I had such high hopes for January and so far they've all been dashed. I am looking forward to a new month and a birthday, a perfect excuse to start over! Is anyone else having an icky January? Hang in there! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I am also a freelance blogger and DIY editor for several other websites. Here are my posts from Babble's Family Style blog this week.

12 Things I Love About You.

Mom Street Style.

A pretty driftwood heart.

The cutest baby shoes.

Sophie the Giraffe.

Photo by the wonderful Luci Everett.


  1. Hang in there Chelsea! I’m definitely not a fan of January so far, but holding out hopes for a better February. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

  2. Sorry to hear that January has been bummin’ for you, Chelsea. 🙁 Mine has just been crazy work busy which has been leaving me little free time for reading and writing in blogland.

    Will be wishing you a heart and happy-filled February!

    Hope to see you some time in 2011, too! 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear your month hasn’t been the best. I know how you feel. I am hoping for a much better February as well! Hang in there.

  4. having been born and raised in the south, january was just a little bit of a bother…some cold weather, grey skies and maybe some sleety rain stuff..

    i’m on my second january in indiana and it’s just yuck! snow is pretty on the first day, but on day 2 – whenever, it’s just fuggly and a pain.

    but, your blog has brought sunshine and light into my meh midwest january..you remind me of how great most of the rest of the year is.

    thank you!!!


  5. Yup. I hear ya: shingles (pain-ful!), double ear infection, pulling an all nighter to move 100 people across country for work last minute, booted from office into cube, company merger, snow storm after snow storm and in dire need of SUNLIGHT!

    February HAS to be better! lol…good luck with your February.

  6. i’m sorry that it’s been rough! well, let’s see – i just got laid off so that’s kind of icky. 😉 the funny thing is, i happened to watch this video of jk rowling giving the commencement speech at harvard the very same morning i lost my job: http://vimeo.com/1711302

    i’m convinced good things can come out of bad. i’m wishing you a wonderful february to come!

  7. it’s been tough hasn’t it??!
    I’m dying for the light to return so I can get back outside and into the garden.
    Months without much life or flowers is definitely taking its toll.
    Hang in there, Feb. is always better!

  8. cheer up my friend!! you are such an inspiration. {I read some of your quotes from Alt!} here’s to a better February. now go out and enjoy something sweet! 🙂

    love that photo too… it’s so pretty!

  9. Oh Chelsea I am so with you! The east coast has been hammer with snow and I have dragged down with the nitty gritty of running a business. Not much in the way of inspiration. And I hoped to be creative with my art work this month. Oh well on to February! Chin up lady

  10. I die over that photo. I hope you get over your January blues; winter has a way of doing that. Cozy up by a fire and have a hot drink.

  11. I just bought that Sophie the Giraffe for my friend’s newborn on Thursday, lol… too cute. I hope January picks up for you, maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll start to warm up!

  12. I love the dream photo – so sweet. I hope when January comes to a close you will have a much better month in February. It’s always a very long and dark month but better days are ahead!

  13. thanks so much for the post about my mini-books, i got a bunch of sales thanks to you! can’t wait to see you tuesday. february is going to be awesome!!!

  14. Ugh, last week was rough for me too. Glad it’s over & hope you are feeling better 🙂 I love that link to the driftwood hearts by hearblack, it’s so perfect for a simple Valentine’s Day.

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