french newspaper potted plants: reader’s version!


I have to say that every time a Frolic! reader emails me and tells me they've created their own version of a DIY or an idea I've posted on Frolic!, I get really excited! The sharing of ideas and community is my favorite thing about the Internet.

Frolic! reader, Alison threw a 60th Birthday party for her mom (darling party, see it here!). She used the French newspaper/plant idea I posted about right here. I am tickled pink.I love the maidenhair ferns! Well done, Alison! Oh and Happy 60th to your mama!

Photo: Robert Mora.


  1. That’s so fun! I love seeing people get inspired by ideas…and you have some truly great ones that have definitely inspired me a time or two…or probably many more times than that :).

  2. Lovely with the maidenhair fern. The newspaper wrapped plants was one of my favorite ideas as well. You are a constant source of inspiration!

  3. This must be so satisfying! I would say that of all the projects / recipes I see I actually do / make less than 2% of them! If that’s normal, this is a huge compliment!! Your projects are always so inspiring, Chelsea!

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