grapes + chocolate


I am obsessed with this simple dessert idea from Jamie Oliver. Take frozen grapes, pieces of really good chocolate and pair them with a chilled Grappa (or any other grape-based beverage) and set out for guests to munch on. It sounds so yummy. It would be lovely for Christmas and New Years.


  1. Well, Miss Chelsea… I am sold by the lovely pic alone! Charming and kinda rustic but refined as well. Plus… there’s *chocolate* involved!!!

    Hope you and Liz have a wonderful holiday! 🙂

  2. I have been eating frozen grapes since I was in uni. But have never paired them with chocolate. You have to give it to Jamie. Here’s to simple eating.

  3. i saw him mention this on his show, and a) i LOVE this combo. he’s so right! also, b) i equally LOVE how cute he was after he demonstrated how to do the whole tasting together. he snapped and said something jolly and british like, “happy days!” or something. so. cute.

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