1. Hello, dream kitchen, it’s nice to meet you!

    I adore the table with those chairs and how much light there is! It’s perfect right down to the freshly picked turnips on the table 🙂

  2. I LOVE this kitchen! Mine black & white kitchen is already half way there. I now need to add the pops of red and wood.

    Thanks for sharing this pic.

  3. The first time I bought my Kitchenaid Mixer I chose the RED but then a couple of weeks later, I chickened out and exchanged it for the White one. Maybe I should have kept it!!! (My kitchen is Martha Stewart’s Butternut and I use black and white as accents – presently).

  4. This is so, so lovely! Definitely adding it to my “kitchens” folder in my pictures c -:

    I am so very excited for this weekend &little winter coming up! I am celebrating my first day off in ages and ages by driving 4+ hours to Portland to come on Saturday!
    So if you see a very happy short-haired brunette with a pumpkin-coloured scarf, it might very well be a very-happy ME! Jajaja!

  5. Chelsea – it was so nice seeing you this weekend! I hope that the sale was a huge success and that everyone was happy with the results. I know I was – everything looked amazing and my only problem was not having deeper pockets! I hope you decide to make this an annual event. It’s was fantastic.

  6. chelsea, it was so nice to meet you at little winter! I hope the rest of the weekend went wonderfully and that you have some time to relax now 🙂

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