wedding week: chloe aftel photography


If you read a lot of blogs, you may know the name Chloe Aftel (I posted her work here and here). She photographs the line along with other commercial and editorial jobs.

JK_12_v1 copy  

Recently, I found out that Chloe shoots weddings (just one a month)!  I like that her photos have a bit of an edge to them and don't follow the same formula as most wedding photographs. Wouldn't it be fun to have your entire wedding shot in Polaroid?

RD_4 copy  

Layout RD_43 copy  

For more information on Chloe's digital and Polaroid wedding work click here + here. All photos by Chloe Aftel.


  1. The idea of a Polaroid wedding is beautiful and Chloe’s execution here equally so. I imagine one would have to be a very talented photographer to get it right with the limitations inherent in Polaroid, including such a limited number of shots. I wonder where she gets her film…

  2. oh my! chloe told me about this post but i didn’t know what photos might be posted. 🙂

    i want to say chloe is a pleasure to work with, completely professional and extremely talented. her polas are a big reason why i asked her to photograph our wedding. she was an important part of our day and i’m ever so glad of it!

  3. Polaroids have so much feeling – they look like a memory, instantly. You would have to be so talented to have the end product be this gorgeous – you only get one shot! LOVE

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