1. One of my favorite photos from my parents wedding was my mom sitting with her gigantic veil draped over the chair and spread out along the floor in front of her.

  2. omg i didn’t even know different types of veils had names! i want to wear a big flower on my head for my wedding next year!

  3. I love cathedral veils! I wore one at my farm wedding in the midst of last year’s birdcage craziness. My dad stepped on it right as he gave me away, and it flew off my head. But it made it a funny, sweet moment, and it was certainly easier to dance without it!

  4. Yay! I wore a long cathedral veil for my outdoor wedding. I was worried it would get very dirty (it did), but the sun shining through it was so incredibly lovely and ethereal, I wouldn’t have wanted anything different (although, wearing a long dress/long veil for the ceremony and short dress/birdcage veil for dinner would have been fun!).

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