summer garden party


A few weeks ago I arranged flowers for a lovely client who used to drop in for classes and sweet bouquets back when I had a little flower shop. When she called and asked if I would help with her garden and pool party at her property outside the city, I couldn't resist. This client likes things, colorful, fun, and with a mix of modern and traditional. Luckily, she's also a treat to work with.

Garden party  

I spent the day at her home arranging flowers for the garden, the pool area, and for all around her home (If that sounds like a dream, you should see the sweaty, stressed, mess I was:). Just like the old days, my mom came along to help with the flowers. We used garden roses from a local grower and even clipped some blossoms from the surrounding gardens.


Two lovely friends (thanks Rich + Amber!) created a gorgeous installation of floating flowers for the pool. It's quite hard to float flowers in a large pool as they tend to float to the side and create little impact, so we figured out the best way was to sew them together and though you can barely see it in this photo, it turned out quite lovely (very natural looking!). 

Garden roses
Here's another peek at the flower arrangements. My client asked that they be organic and gardeny. The color scheme for the entire event was based on those gorgeous coral roses alongside the pool. I think the effect was cool and summery!

Snapshots by Me.


  1. pretty! oh chels, i totally understand. this summer i was a sweaty, hot mess at all the weddings we worked on… mortifying!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Cassandra: We used fishline and a needle! Then, we tied the flowers in place using the fishline so they wouldn’t float to the side. You have to turn the pool filter off too, so that it doesn’t suck up any flowers!

  3. This is just fabulous! How creative to string them together…you gotta love fishing line – I used it at my wedding to suspend vase with flowers over the tables! Amazing stuff. Awesome work 🙂


  4. Those are just lovely. I love how pink and romantic they look. The pinks and greens are just gorgeous together.

  5. So fun and pretty in pink – I want to be a guest at that party! What is the name of the little whispy pink flowers that look like little stars? (looking at the very first photo where there’s a good clump of them surrounding the rose.

  6. Chelsea this is gorgeous and so exciting! What a fun project to work on and how sweet that she remembered you after all this time.
    You seem happy with the result which is great and I must say I love it too. It all looks divine and your pictures are very nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    x Charlotta

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m helpless when it comes to arranging flowers – do you still offer classes anywhere? I would LOVE to attend someday. Or am I WAY late?

  8. Hey Treva!

    I wlll be teaching some classes soon and will keep you posted. They will hopefully be around the holidays.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

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