jasper conran’s home

Jasper-conran-home Jasper-conran-kitchen

Jasper Conran's home embodies that dark, rustic, English style I love so much. His book Country is filled to the brim with gorgeous images like this. Every time I go to a bookstore, I have to look at all the dreamy photos in that book. It's simply exquisite.

Images: Home, by Stafford Cliff.


  1. These images are sublime! I love the Conran’s … they’re so stylish. And there is something entirely comforting about English “cottage” decor. I’m heading to the Cotswold’s in a month and I’m making it my mission to buy at least one thing in this same vein.

  2. yummy. is it crazy that i own jasper conran china but did not really know of him until i read your post and did some clicking on the web? thank you for sharing and enlightening, as always!

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