breezy white curtains breezy-white-curtains

I am starting to really love the idea of installing some breezy, white curtains in my place. I love the transparency and the way they sort of just melt into the wall. I used to hate these sort of curtains but I think they are quite lovely and not overly sweet, when paired with the right elements.

Both photos from Olga Naiman. 1: Olga's portfolio. 2: Design Sponge


  1. i love white curtains, especially because of the extra light they let in. i’ve been thinking of putting curtains back up, even though the cats shed all over them. eh, what can you do?

  2. Oh YES! I love breezy curtains and have several panels that i’ve been meaning to hang. you’ll have to post pictures if you do some in your own place!

    hope you had a lovely fourth! xo

  3. Ooooh Chelsea… I love white curtains! It is surprisingly difficult to find the perfect weight of 100% cotton panels! I recommend the Pottery Barn $20 cotton voile sheers in white – the best I’ve found. They make the house glow! The Ikea white linen Aina panels are my favorite for a heavier weight.



  4. we have breezy white curtains in my studio and the living room. i think if they are simple it’s ok (not too girlie). it’s nice to have some privacy without blocking too much sunlight. the ones in my studio are a kind of embroidered voile – very sheer (but not gross polyester like you see in motels!).

  5. Last summer I stopped into Ikea for some white twin-sized flat sheets, which were/are crazy cheap. They were the perfect pick-me-up for my bedroom windows.

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