storage baskets


I read in Domino once that you should keep these sorts of baskets around and then when you need to clean up in the middle of a creative mess, you can just dump everything in the basket! I need some (read: I am organizationally challenged). 

From Plumo.


  1. OMG, I just linked over to this shop and I LOVE it! And they ship to the US (maybe sometimes you just can’t care about the cost of shipping!). Thank you for the link!

  2. i’ve always used paperbags aka panic bags(love that expression!) when i want to clean the mess-not-meant-for-others-to-see – but these sure do beat that! they’re so so pretty.

    an yes i’m organizationally challenged too, maybe there’s a support group for that? 🙂

  3. I’m totally organizationally challenged. I have a basket for this purpose, but I never seem to put it’s contents away. 😉 And my basket is not as nice as these. Lovely.

  4. I bought two large oval shaped baskets recently for my home. One sits on the floor in my small family room. It holds extra pillows, blankets, etc for guests or just napping on the sofa. The other basket is in my studio and does just what Domino reccomends; it holds all unfinished projects and scraps of fabric that might be used in the future. Its amazing how quickly throwing everything into a basket cleans up the look of the room.

    Love the baskets you displayed as well.

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