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Unabashed apparel

Unabashed Apparel is a collection of clothing by Sarahbeth Larrimore and features designs made with sustainable, hand dyed fabrics. All the pieces are limited editions and are handmade.

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The easy styles are so lovely and make me want to take up life on an organic farm immediately. The best part? These designs are made to fit real bodies, not just a model's ideal figure. My favorites include the Organic Linen Trouser,  Organic Henley, and the Starlight Dress.

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Take a gander through Sarahbeth's blog and you'll find she's a kindred spirit too. I spotted scans of vintage Victorias and old clippings of Tasha Tudor's garden. You gotta love a girl who names the colors of her clothing after plants in her garden (Lobelia and Lamb's Ears). Seen above are pieces from the Spring/Summer Collection. Below: A sneak peek of Sarahbeth's Fall Collection.

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