hello monday.

Apologies for the unexpected blogging break last week. Sometimes I just need to step away for a bit (hope you understand!). I had a wonderful weekend drinking in sunshine, napping on the grass and eating meals outside. I even had the chance to weed a garden. I love weeding and without gloves it's the best. Am I crazy? How was your weekend, friends? Hope all the mamas had a gorgeous Sunday. Thank you for all you do!

Photo of me and my niece by my nephew, Joshua.


  1. ow ow ow…
    How I envy you! (in a good way sure 😉 )
    Here the weather was so bad and rainy, not even in my own garden I was able to step outside!
    buhu me…


  2. hope you had a relaxing time! what a sweet, sweet photo. also, my parents used to make us weed when we were little and i kind of liked it too! i also love the smell of mulch 🙂

  3. i love that photo of you lovely ladies…

    yes you sometimes absolutely need a break! glad you had a fantastic (recharging) weekend 😉


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