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Sofa 2 

I prefer a couch that is cozy and overstuffed, without being frumpy. The Bedford Sofa from Williams-Sonoma Home fits the bill as does any sofa from Pinch Design. I still dream of this sofa (of course, still very much out of my price range!). Looking forward to hitting some estate sales soon to find a dreamy couch in my price range. Though, this is one of the few pieces of furniture I would love to buy brand new.


  1. I love both of these. I really believe in spending as much as you can afford on two things: upholstery and your bed. Even the cheap, crappy ones are expensive, so why not?!

  2. I love Jonathan Adler sofas. I agree that it’s really worth spending a lot of money on a sofa. Mine is actually a sofa bed too but it is such a comfy sofa. Some friends of mine bought a very modern looking one which they hate as they can’t sink into it!

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