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Ewan Mcgregor's restored VW Van with the plaid curtains is too adorable. When I was a kid we went on six road trips back and forth across the U.S. and Canada (from New Hampshire to Washington). I'd love to go on a long road trip again, maybe by myself or with a couple of friends. A cute VW van would be required. Are any of you planning a roadtrip for the coming summer?

Photo from this blog (don't ask me how I found that!)


  1. ha, just recently was a the VW dealer and saw an old one like this, but it was blue and white! wait let me search for the pics!

  2. I wish! I went off round Europe with my love in our VW van 2 summers ago, for nearly 3 months – it’s a retro red 1988! His name (the van) is Sunny. If it was possible, we would do it again in a shot! Little jaunts round Scotland is the best we can hope for this summer. 🙂

  3. Heather that sounds lovely! Lucky that you are moving to Park City. If I was going to live in Utah that would be the place. Your photos are gorgeous!!

    Vicky: That sounds like a dream!!

    Jenny: Yes of course.

  4. My sister just bought a 1971 orange VW van – complete with the plaid curtains! I’m really hoping she takes it camping this summer.

  5. that’s so funny-my husband just got something fixed on his VW van and Ewan’s VW was there at the same time. {this was just last week in LA}

    He checked out Ewan’s van and said it was awesome.
    We haven’t camped in ours yet, but i was just thinking about planning out first one with the van.

  6. No road trips planned yet but I love VW vans! My husband had one when we met. He was in a band and carted all his equipment to shows in it. Whenever I see one I feel all nostalgic. Now that we have a family, I would love to have one for road trips. So fun!

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