1. oh – i love this!.. i’m in the middle of buying a basket for my bike.. this may well sway me to buy a removable one with a handle! xx

  2. I love carrying basket to the market to pick up veggies, flowers, some cheese, fish from the fish monger, a rack of lamb maybe for dinner, a bottle of wine… It’s also very chic when you stop for a glass fo wine or coffee with friends in the middle of shopping.

  3. Did you know that this very thing (basket as purse by Jane Birkin) is what led to the coveted Hermes Birkin bag?

    Yes! The legend goes that Jane Birkin was seen by the Hermes chairman struggling to get on an airplane with all of her things stuffed into a basket. This led them to create the Birkin Bag…

    True story!

  4. Once you’ve used a basket as a handbag you’ll never go back. You can instantly see what you need. It doesn’t flop all over the place. You’ll never use a plastic bag again – ever.

  5. Dear Brilliant Girl and Kindred Soul. I think your blog might be my favorite ever.

    Every single post of yours, I say “Yes!” …. cottages and country and farms and rustic, romantic charm.

    i just felt i needed to say it.

    and i featured some of your polaroids (from facebook) on the blog I run with a couple of other gals. Thanks for the inspiration. Check yourself out! http://www.monkeysaidbear.com/


  6. I think I might be obsessed with this basket! What a perfect summer carryall for running errands and then heading straight to the pool or beach.

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