scottish castle

Pedlars castle 

Balbegno Castle in Scotland was recently restored and decorated by the people who own the lovely Pedlars shops and is now available for holiday rentals. The castle sleeps 13, has a lake with a row boat and places for camping. Complementary wellies are even included! I fell in love with Scotland on a short visit a few years ago and would love to return. Bloggers retreat, anyone??


  1. Hello from Scotland! Glad you liked it so much.

    I wondered whether you have access to a BBC TV programme called “The Delicious Ms Dahl”? I think you might like it. It’s packed with English charm and features a beautiful cottage kitchen, amazing garden and food, and is very twee in a cute English way. I recommend a viewing.

  2. HI Jennifer!

    I have heard of that show and I heard that Jamie Oliver’s company is making it. It looks lovely! I don’t think I have access to it. Hopefully soon!! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Have you tried You can watch live british TV through your computer. I think it’s available anywhere…

    May I also sing the praises of the Scottish east coast – Balbegno is by the beautiful Angus Glens, Royal Deeside and close to St Cyrus beach which is ….heaven on earth. I could list all the great places to visit but it would take too long. 🙂

  4. I swear you just found my dream home. Who would have thought it’d be in a castle in Scotland? We’re totally planning a trip there already and now I know exactly where I want to stay.

  5. i am in for a bloggers retreat to Scotland!
    My favorite place in all the world. I usually go once a year to visit family! It would be even better to have a bloggers retreat!!


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