transitional spring ensembles

Aubin and wills red stripes Shorts and tights 

I love these layered outfits by Aubin + Wills for transitioning into spring. Check out their spring movie too! Lots of inspiration.


  1. I love the rolled up jeans with socks! I have been wanting to do something like that for a while, but I cant wear high heals, it looks sort of silly with flats…but maybe I can pull it off…

  2. I have staunchly stood against shorts and tights this winter. But upon seeing this outfit, I need to revise my platform.

    I am against torn up jean shorts over black pantyhose. But I am resolutely in favor of cuffed khaki shorts over thick wool tights. MUST copy this look ASAP!!!

  3. The beauty of this baggy- rolled jeans thing in fashion now, is that I have an excuse (and new way to wear) some jeans I’ve hung onto for YEARS- Baggy and worn beyond belief- very very fun!

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