umbrellas for spring!

Cute umbrellas frolic

 These are two of the most adorable umbrellas I've ever seen.

1. Marimekko umbrella from

2. Striped umbrella from Urban Outfitters.


  1. so cute! i need a new umbrella- my current one is from ikea and has a whole just large enough to let water drip steadily onto my head whenever it’s raining heavily outside 🙂

  2. Heh… I have a Marimekko bag with the same design as the first umbrella, it’s pretty funky. My favourite Marimekko design for umbrellas is still the Uniko one in yellow.

  3. That omena pattern by Marimekko is my favorite. I got a pair of shoes with the black version of that pattern. Unfortunately, they rubber parts have worn down, but I can’t get myself to let them go!

  4. The blue and white stripes look so cool. From where I live, I need an umbrella the whole year round (against the sun) and I don’t mind toting that one. =)

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