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New guard diner New guard dinnere 2 

Apologies for abandoning this blog for a week! I was at Alt Summit, a fantastic conference for design bloggers where I got to meet many of my Internet friends face to face and even got to share a room with the most fabulous Anne Sage. I found out that all these blog friends I have are not only design-lovers but just my sort of people; personable, down-to-earth, and totally real. 

Sarah jurado 

After a day in Portland, I headed to Seattle with my sister. On Monday night we attended a New Guard dinner. The New Guard dinners are small gatherings featuring up and coming chefs, artists, and musicans. The food was phenomenal and the whole experience was really lovely. They've been featured on Daily Candy if that gives you an idea of the excellence. Find out more about New Guard here.

Photos of New Guard by Sarah Jurado.


  1. welcome back! the new guard dinners so great- i am going to go read the link now… but it sounds like the kind of thing we should attempt to do within our communities/friends on a small level!

  2. Hey Elizabeth!

    It was the chef from Skillet but apparently a departure from his normal menu. I loved it though and look forward to checking out Skillet.

  3. hey chelsea,
    it was nice meeting you at Alt. your panel was great and you did a wonderful job. hopefully we’ll get a chance to chat more next time! 😉

  4. I love love love Skillet. My BF and I took the train from portland with our bikes last fall and then rode around Seattle searching for it! It was worth it, and also a perfect day trip.

  5. i’m hoping to make it to seattle sometime later this year — attending one of these dinners would be so fun. great to have you back, chelsea! hope you had a wonderful time (alt is definitely on my wishlist for next year!).

  6. Was lovely meeting you at New Guard! Hope to see you around these parts again…will also look for you & your fab sis next time I’m down in PDX town. xo

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