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Maybe it's the influence of my Yorkshire-born granny but my style is decidedly English. I went to the bookstore yesterday and brought home two magazines simply for their cozy, flower-strewn editorials. I'll never be able to resist a tiny floral print layered just right or a London abode filled to the brim with textiles, paintings and bunches of hyacinth.

Annabel Astor's home as featured in House and Garden. Photographed by Simon Brown. 2nd photo via Moodboard + This is Glamorous from Lucky Magazine.


  1. I’m totally with you on that, Chelsea! I grew up in an English colony and my sister and her fam live in the Somerset. I always really love when you post scenes from pretty English houses, so thanks!

  2. Living in England I am lucky to have this inspiration all around me, however the ultimate English House experience has to be Chatsworth House.

  3. Me too! I spent a summer in Cambridge and I’m convinced that’s my real home. Also, I’m obsessed with George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, tea, and animal toparies….

  4. when we are old and slow and wrinkled, let’s retire to a cottage in the english countryside. we’ll grow roses, bake scones, putter around drinking tea, and make eyes at the handsome huntsmen who stroll through our back field looking for grouse.


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